Carburetor cleaners clean carburetor parts and air intake indiscriminately
Carburetor is gradually contaminated during vehicle operation. This results in a more difficult start-up and falling of the engine capacity, a worse run rate, and a higher consumption of gasoline. The use of a carburetor's aerosol cleaner allows to remove carbon deposits, coils and mud for the elective restoration of carburetor's plant properties.

Cleaning area includes air and throttle valves, diffusor, carburetor housing, air gitters, idle valve, earthing actuator levers, as well as inlet valves and piston bottom.

The regular use of the carburetor's aerosol cleaner enables continuous maintenance of the carburetor in proper condition for efficient engine operation. It is recommended to perform preventive treatment every 3,000 - 4,500 miles of run. If poor quality gasoline is used, carburetor should be cleaned more often.


If ignition is switched off, remove the engine air filter housing. Put the pipe in the dispersed head of the Balon.
Clean the external surfaces of the carburetor and the levers of the valve gate drive
Set the motor. Control the throttle actuator lever, increase the knee turnover to 1500-2000 revolutions per minute, then direct the cleaner to all internal parts of the carburetor available for processing. Stop feeding the train when the engine is starting to dry. Resume cleaning after leveling. After several cleaning cycles, start continuously injecting the train until the engine is fully shut down.
Wait 2-3 minutes. Start the engine. Start-up may be difficult due to burnout deposits, but temporary increase of exhaust gas smoke is possible.

Repeat cleaning, starting from paragraph 3 of this instruction until clear contamination is removed from the carburetor interior.

To clean the idle system, it is recommended to remove the forced idle economizer electromagnetic valve and inject the composition inside the valve seat hole and then install the part in the position. Adjust idle speeds as per manufacturer's recommendations.
Note: The carburetor cleaner is also efficient for cleaning and restoring operability of other engine parts, in particular the PCV valve of the carter ventilation system.
Composition: Methanol 40%, Bhutan / Propane 20%, Dichloromethane 25%, Toluene 15%
Attention: Inflammable! Use far from the sources of heat, open flame. Do not pierce or break the cylinder. The cylinder is under pressure! Use in well-ventilated spaces. Work in safety glasses. If in the eye, carefully wash with water for 15 minutes. If swallowed, drink 2-3 cups of water immediately, and cause vomiting. Contact a physician!

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not warm up the cylinder above 122°'F!

After use or expiration of shelf life, the cylinder is recycled as domestic waste.

Keep away from children. Shelf life — 3 years.
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