Eliminates the squeak, protects against corrosion, releases rusty mechanisms, replaces moisture & cleans
Universal lubricant WS-40 for thousands of applications at work and in the household.

WS-40, through its penetrating and lubricant properties, helps parts and mechanisms to work in a smooth and efficient manner. Eliminates screens, removes moisture from metal surfaces, and cleans them from coke, glue, resins and fat. Leaves a protective film against corrosion. Penetrates rust and frees bolts and nuts, frees and lubricates mechanism motion parts.
Instructions for use: Apply a small instance on the surface to be processed. Allow lubricant to penetrate. Don't wipe!
Attention: Inflammable! Use far from the sources of heat and open flame. Do not pierce or break the cylinder. The cylinder is under pressure! Use in well ventilated spaces. Work with safety glasses. In case of eye contact, carefully flush with water for 15 minutes. If swallowed, drink 2-3 cups of water immediately, and induce vomiting. Contact a physician!

Store in a dry cool place. Do not warm the cylinder above 122 °F!

After use or expiration of shelf life, the cylinder can be recycled as domestic waste.

Protect from children.
Box size
Quantity in a box
21,97 fl oz
10.83x8.07x11.42 inch
12 pc